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Menaklukan wanita dengan kata-kata Bukan Rayuan Gombal

Lee Jong Soo vs Kim Ook Bin

Lee : Ook Bin
Ook : Yes
Lee : Do you know what I am doing right now ?
Ook : No, I don't know
Lee : I am thinking about you
Ook : (Goosebumps) ...

Lee : Every night.. I go out for a walk. At 9 pm, I will walk to a place. Do you know where that place is ?
Ook : Where is it ?
Lee : Inside your HEART
Ook : (STUNNED) ...

Lee : I never believed in love at first sight. But today, there is someone I truly fell in love with at first sight. That person is Kim Ook Bin.
Ook : (Goosebumps) ...

Lee : Do you know why I like you, Ook Bin ?
Ook : No, I don't know
Lee : Because it is you..

Lee Jong Soo vs Kim Ki Bum and Kim Ook Bin as the target

Lee : Ki Bum. Stretch your hand. (Putting something inside Ki Bum Hands) Could you pass this to Ook Bin ? This is my HEART !
Ook : (Surprised) ...

Lee : Ki Bum. Do you have a compass in your house ?
Bum : Hmm, I'm not sure, why ?
Lee : I need to find out where Ook Bin is with it.
Ook : (Sweat Sweat) ...

Lee : Ki Bum. What kind of keys do you have ?
Bum : I only have my house key
Lee : You have just your house key ?
Bum : Yes
Lee : Don't you have a key that can unlock Ook Bin's Heart ?
Ook : (Goosebumps) Oh please no..

Lee Jong Soo vs Baek Ji Young

Lee : Actually.. this morning I went to see the eye doctor because my eyes were painful.. The doctor told me that my eyes were painful because My eyes have Baek Ji Young in them..
Baek : (FLUSTERED) ...

Lee : When there's a fire, you dial 119. When there's a thief, you dial 112. When you're lonely, you dial 369. When you tired and lonely, please dial 010-xxx-xxxx (Lee's number)
Baek : ...

Lee : If you eat too much rice, you will get fat.
If you use too much money, you will feel heart pain.
Although you will become sad when you get old.
But the more I look at Ji Young, the more I find you loveable.
Baek : (FLUSTERED) ...

Lee : If there are 100 people in this world that loves you, I am definitely among them.
If there are 10 people in this world that loves you, I am definitely among them too.
But if there is no one else left in the world that loves you, That means that I am no longer in this world because I can't have you...
Baek : (STUNNED) ...

Lee : Ji Young, In future, let's.. become friends ?
Baek : Alright.. being friends would be fine. Of Course.
Lee : My heart is beating so rapidly, how can we only become friends ?
Baek : (Goosebumps) ...

Lee : When is your birthday ?
Baek : xx-xx-xxxx
Lee : The day when you were born.. It's possible that it might be raining heavily.
Baek : Why is that ?
Lee : Because the heavens were weeping over the ONLY angel descending onto earth
Baek : (STUNNED) ...
Lee : Aren't you hurting ?
Baek : What ?
Lee : When you fell from the sky
Baek : (Oh my God) ...

Lee : Today when I return home, I will go get a Global Positioning System (GPS)
Baek : Why is that ?
Lee : Because I realize I'm lost inside your heart
Baek : (Oh my God, how could this) ...

Lee Jong Soo vs Chae Yeon

Lee : Chae Yeon..
Chae : Yeah..?
Lee : Are you happy that you've come to Hainan ?
Chae : Yeah
Lee : Everyone says that this place is very good.
Chae : Yup
Lee : I also feel that you are very good!
Chae : (FLUSTERED) ...

Lee : (Looking Around) Do you smell something burning coming from somewhere ?
Chae : A burning smell ?
Lee : I think I smell something burning..
Chae : I don't think there is any burning smell
Lee : Listen carefully to what I say. Because of You, my heart is burning now..
Chae : (Me ?) ...

Lee : Chae Yon, do you still remember ? In 2004, the first time we met in XMAN ?
I remembered during that couple selection segment which was my first and I kept dashing towards Chae Yon.. But you rejected me..
Chae : Yeah..
Lee : From that day onwards, I decided to forget you.. But the problem is my heart is unable to forget you..!
Chae : (My God).. (Goosebumps) ...

Lee : Chae Yon.. If in this lifetime, you've to do bad things during a certain day. Please give me a call then.
Hell, let me be the one to go for you. You just return to your heaven.
Chae : (Speechless) ...

Lee Jong Soo vs Park Shi Yeon

Lee : Love is like a can.
Even though it will go out of shape, but it will not be destroyed.
(Park shi yeon, our love will not be destroyed)
Shi : (Speechless) ...

Lee : Even though I dislike spring, but I like the flowers
Even though I dislike summer, but I like the rain
Even though I dislike autumn, but I like the falling leaves
Even though I dislike winter, but I like the falling snow
Even though I dislike the world, but I like you only..
Shi : (Spechless) ...

Lee : Shi Yeon, our filming studio is at Bu Kyung right ?
Shi : Yup
Lee : When we film throuhout the night, I will occasionally look at the night sky. There are many stars in the night of Bu Kyung. The stars are really beautiful.
But now, inside the XMAN recording studio, there are only two stars. And it's much more beautiful than those stars.
Shi : (Where ?) ...
Lee : It's your eyes..!
Shi : (Speechless) ..

Lee Jong Soo vs Chae Yeon

Lee : Chae Yon. Why must you take everything away ?
Chae : What ?
Lee : You should leave some for me.. My HEART.
Chae : ...

Lee : Do you know what's the color of the shirt that Jae Suk Hyung is wearing ?
Chae : Grass green color..
Lee : Is that so ?
Chae : Yeah. Why ?
Lee : Since I met you, Other than you, the rest of the world is black and white to me..!
Chae : (STUNNED) ...

Lee : Do you know why I'm looking at you like this with my eyes ?
Chae : Nope. Why ?
Lee : To me, the moment when I blink my eyes is very precious to me as well.
Chae : (Gets shock) ...

wkwkwkw gombal tingkat tinggi neh keren bgt dah bisa dipraktekkan

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